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McLellan, J., David, M. K., Alarcón, A. & Harnisch, S. (eds.) Code-switching and crosstalk in a globalizing world


Miriam Ben-Rafael. Codeswitching and identity: The case of Francophone immigrants in Israel


Alarcón, A., Barberà, G. & Terceño, A., Linguistic choice and the criterias of efficiency and efficacy in business companies of Catalonia. Implications on inclusion and exclusion of social and linguistic groups.


Lynne Ciochetto Outdoor Advertising and Social Change in Contemporary Russia


Harnisch, S. Code-switching and Crosstalk in Multinational Networks


David, M. K. & DeAlwis, C. Code-switching as a communicative strategy for international audience comprehensibility in Slumdog Millionaire