RC25 Language & Society Newsletter











Gianluca Miscione & Daniela Landert (eds.) Hegemonies in classification: an introduction


Corinne Kirchner, “Define Your World”: Dictionaries of Today in Struggles Over Control of Meaning


Daniela Landert, Constructing (non-)normative identities online –

Self-classifications in text-based online chats


Roberto Lusardi, Biographical & Medical Evidence: Interpreting Health and

Illness in Intensive Care Unit





McLellan, J., David, M. K., Alarcón, A. & Harnisch, S. (eds.) Code-switching and crosstalk in a globalizing world


Miriam Ben-Rafael. Codeswitching and identity: The case of Francophone immigrants in Israel


Alarcón, A., Barberà, G. & Terceño, A., Linguistic choice and the criterias of efficiency and efficacy in business companies of Catalonia. Implications on inclusion and exclusion of social and linguistic groups.


Lynne Ciochetto Outdoor Advertising and Social Change in Contemporary Russia


Harnisch, S. Code-switching and Crosstalk in Multinational Networks


David, M. K. and De Alwis, C. Code-switching as a communicative strategy for international audience comprehensibility in Slumdog Millionaire