RC25 Language & Society Newsletter




Note for Contributors



All members of RC25 are invited to send contributions to the RC25 newsletter 'International Sociolinguistics'. We wish the newsletter to be a real networking instrument, and the effectiveness of this will depend on every members contribution. Contributions to include:

1. References of recent publications.
2. Brief book reviews on all fields of sociolinguistics. Review of books in languages other than English are particularly welcomed.
3. Information about websites and e-mail lists relevant to sociolinguistics
4. Information on databases that hold a corpus of audio and video data.
5. Information on local and international conferences, workshops, seminars etc. in all fields of sociolinguistics as coming events.
6. Reports on local and international conferences, workshops, seminars etc. that have already been events.
7. Brief descriptions of members' current research projects, including doctorate research projects.
8. Information on calls for research proposals and funding opportunities
9. Short articles in all fields of Sociolinguistics. Review articles on different sociolinguistic approaches or on specific topics are particularly welcomed.

The deadlines for submitting articles and information are: Winter issue 15th of November; Summer issue: 15th of May All contributions should be send to the newsletter editor, Isabella Paoletti at the following e-mail address: paoletti@crisaps.org