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AIEM/CA, Australian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

Esa research network - Qualitative methods

Ethno/CA news information on ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis 

International Gender and Language Association: The International Gender and Language Association was established in 1999. A development of the graduate-student-run Berkeley Women and Language Group, IGALA is an international interdisciplinary organization that is committed to the promotion and support of research on language, gender, and sexuality.

Intern International Association of Applied Linguistics 

Languse discussion list dedicated to issue to the study and analysis of discourse, conversation, talk-in-interaction and social action in general

Linguist List the electronic mailing list of the linguistics community : http://www.linguistlist.org/ List of lists related to linguistics:

Marges Linguistiques is a French online journal, with mostly sociolinguistic content but no specific focus. abonnements5_ML-owner@yahoogroupes.fr

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) allows electronic access to theses and dissertations (full-text!) http://hercules.vtls.com/cgi-bin/ndltd/chameleon. It is a new site, so there is not much under the category of Sociolinguistics (yet), but it seems worth watching.

RedIRIS - Estudios de Lingüística Española provides information on research in the area of Spanish linguistics (including sociolinguistics), not only from Spain but also from Latin America and from other areas of Europe where Spanish is taught. http://elies.rediris.es/

Réseau de sociolinguistique et dynamique des langues de l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie; e-mail: sdl@refer.org

Selected bibliography on linguistics markers (Bibliografia selecionada sobre marcadores linguísticos) offers a multilingual bibliography (there is a team working to keep the bibliography up-to-date, but your help would also be appreciated): http://www.ufpa.br/megan/megan1.htm#geral

Socioling is a discussion group dedicated to issues of sociolinguistic interest. There is no restriction regarding the choice of language, but nearly all communication is conducted in a language variety spoken on the Iberian Peninsula. http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/socioling/


Sociolinguistic Corpora


CHILDES http://childes.psy.cmu.edu/ The CHILDES system provides tools for studying conversational interactions. These tools include a database of transcripts, programs for computer analysis of transcripts, methods for linguistic coding,and systems for linking transcripts to digitized audio and video.

Corpus de Conversacion colloquial elaborado por el grupo VAL.ES.CO. (Valencia, Español coloquial) Università de València, Antonio Hidalgo Navarro (Spain)

Corpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew: http://www.tau.ac.il/humanities/semitic/cosih.html

Macrocorpus sociolingüístico del Español en la comunidad de habla castellonense Universidad Jaume I, José Luis Blas Arroyo (Spain)